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Jakarta Hidden Tour
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Jakarta Slum Poverty Need Help
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Jakarta hidden area tour!


Hidden Area


65% of the inhabitants of Jakarta live in slum areas.
They are poor but they are strong in surviving.


Many people make a living in the home industry like sowing or tofu factory’s….


……or even transportation like motorbike taxi’s and the 3 wheel bajaj’s.


This is called the “informal sector” and

it’s the main way of making a living

in Galur, the area where the tour is planned.


We will see and feel neighbors work and live together…




other in

growing up



From the outside it looks like a jungle, but from the inside we see the unique infrastructure.

This will be your experience of a lifetime !


Your pleasure and your safety is our duty.

Galur is the same area where two World Cinema documentaries have been shot “the Eye of the Day” and “Shape of the Moon” which won the World Cinema award at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival in the U.S.A
The leading character of those two films is Bakti. He will be your tour guide
The tour takes 3 to 4 hours and start at 3 pm.

Maximum 4 people


For reservation : (+62) 0812 8035 297 – Ronny

or email :

Real Jakarta Tours

E x p e r i e n c e t h e c i t y ’ s s o c i oc u l t u r a l p a s t & p r e s e n t

JAKARTA, the mother city of Indonesia, is teeming with life, but it’s difficult for foreigners to get close to most of it from a taxi on the way from your hotel to the shopping mall or office. Now there are tours that allow you to explore Jakarta with a local and see how the majority of people live, work and raise their kids. You can learn about the city’s present and its past and glimpse its future. This is your best chance to see the real Jakarta.

TOUR 1: Ciliwung


CILIWUNG is the name of the main river that flows through Jakarta and the name of the area you will visit. Soon after the Dutch arrived they built a fort and adminisrative centre in Ciliwung. Only the location remains; all else has been ruined. Your guide will explain the past that has lead to the present and take you into the heart of Ciliwung to Kampung Pulo, which is one of the poorest areas of Jakarta. The area is subject to frequent flooding and the housing is makeshift but the inhabitants are resourceful and enterprising. There is no security for the residents from the floods and from the government, which plans to raze the area. You will visit the home of Ibu Emak and she will talk to you about her life and those of her neighbours. She will explain how the river that was once the main route between Kota and Ciliwung is still the focus of their lives: the bathroom, washing machine and toilet. Your guide will help you understand the historic connections between the past and present of Ciliwung; how it came to be like it is and what its future may be. If the area is razed, what happens to the residents?

TOUR 2: Galur

GALUR’s narrow lanes and houses are home to thousands of people operating tofu and tempe factories in small rooms, operating metal workshops, selling food and entertaining their kids with bicyclepowered Ferris wheels. The residents of Galur are slightly more secure than those of Ciliwung: they have titles to their homes. Yet they are still among the poorest in Jakarta. Your host on this tour is Bakti, neighbourhood head, who was the lead character in two documentary films about Galur: Eye of the Day and Shape of the Moon, which won the World Cinema Award at the Sundance Film Festival, USA, in 2005. Bakti will introduce you to the tiny factories and their hard-working staff, show you around his house and introduce you to his mother. You will visit a crowded apartment block, experience a ride in one of the few remaining becaks (bicylce rickshaws), see how kids amuse themselves and be able to chat with Bakti about his life as an ojek (motorcycle taxi) driver.

TOUR 3: Kota & Pasar Ikan, Luar Batang

KOTA is the old city of Jakarta, where the Dutch first settled. Many old buildings still remain, including Old Batavia Tower, from which the Dutch could keep an eye on things. Kota is also home to many of the poor of Jakarta and you will visit the home of Pak Maskun, who is the guardian of the Tower and lives nearby. He will talk to you about his life and those of his neighbours. Next to the Tower is Pasar Ikan, the fish market, which offers you a fascinating array of sights and smells, characters and stories. You will also visit Fatah Hillah Square, which is home to three museums: Old Jakarta, Wayang and Fine Art. Finally, you will have the chance to listen to and even play in a gamelan orchestra, many of which are still active in Kota.

TOUR 4: Full day

tour of Kota & Pasar Ikan, Luar Batang, Galur-Senen and


Starting with a tour of the poorest area of Jakarta, Ciliwung, where you will meet Ibu/Emak, you then grab an angkot (small bus) to Galur and meet with Bakti who will show through its narrow lanes. From there you catch a train to Kota and visit its historic sites and meet with Pak Maskun. You will feel what it’s like to be a one of the 65% of Jakartans who live this way, walking along narrow lanes while chatting with the neighbours, past jammed motorways, crossing railway tracks, travelling across town with the crowds going about their daily business. A trip on an angkot/bajaj, wondering at the vagaries of its path through the traffic, is a must. And travelling on a Jakartan train is a story in itself. Lunch will be at a clean local restaurant along the way and you will have a good supply of water and snacks to keep up your energy. This tour is not for the fainthearted but you will never forget it and you will learn more about Jakarta and its people than is ever likely for the average visitor.

Prices include snacks, mineral water, transport costs, donations and guide fee. Tour 4 price also includes lunch. You will travel by local public transport. Any taxi travel you require will be at your expense. Tour start time and place are negotiable to suit you. Tours 1-3 take approximately 3 hours each, depending on traffic conditions.

Note: Please wear sturdy shoes or sandals and not your best clothes. Gentlemen, please refrain from wearing shorts and singlets. Ladies, please dress modestly.

Cameras are welcome!

We take all care, but please ensure you are fully insured.


Call Robert (0852 8508 8981), Ronny (0812 8035 297), Anneke (021 30200868), and Parlin (021 922 46213)

or email


Originally from Manado, Ronny Poluan has lived in Jakarta for 40 years. He has worked as an actor, director, film liaison and freelance curator. He speaks English and Indonesian and will interpret and explain the modus operandi of one of the world’s great cities. He can also tailor tours to suit your interests


Any taxi travel you require will be at extra cost. Language spoken is English, an interpreter in your own language can be arranged. Tour start times are negotiable. Tours 1, 2, 3 + 5 take approximately 4 hours each. Usually, your guide will meet you at an easy-to-find landmark near the tour location, however, your guide can also pick you up and drop you off at your residence for an extra cost. You should allow time for delays getting to and from the landmark and the tour location, owing to Jakarta’s traffic. Itineraries may change without notice because of local conditions. Please wear sturdy shoes or sandals and not your best clothes. Gentlemen, please refrain from wearing shorts and singlets. Ladies, please dress modestly. Cameras are welcome but should be used sensitively. We take all care, but please ensure you are fully insured.

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